Since the last update we have been busy making the finishing touches as well as preparing a mid-critic presentation, held 12th May. We all contributed with ideas for a powerpoint presentation and started making up goals for each day, something that might have helped us in the process of finishing our film and Kipit-box. Jesper has continued his work on the awareness-film, with the rest of the film group helping out and supervising his work. We have all been involved in the creation of a prototype for the Kipit-box in deciding what materials to use, how to paint it and other details but Arvid and Philip took on the responsibility of creating the prototype from scratch.
We have been busy sending e-mails to companies about price suggestions for our box but unfortunately no one has replied. The group had a small discussion and vote about which font to use for the Kipit-logo, this was done on facebook. We have tried to keep a good tempo in our work but it has proved hard to do so. Past week’s work has been somewhat stalled because we’ve all had to make a small field trip to report for another course. Today, 18th May, we are working on a new powerpoint presentation for tomorrow, which will be the final presentation before we send our work to whoever might benefit from it


Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to pressent Food Waste Solutions the movie.

Hope you liked it!

/ Jesper

The Movie is done!

May 19, 2010


After a long night and a couple of weeks of hard work the Food Waste Solution infomercial is finally ready! We’re curently uploading the movie on to youtube and a new post with the embedded movie will be posted as soon as it’s live!


The Struggle

May 6, 2010

At the moment our group is facing a difficult challenge, to keep our vision at the goal and to keep working hard. So long we have done just that and hopefully we will keep doing it. However today was a real struggle for us as a group, since the “box group” has been focusing on marketing and mostly design now for three straight days we have a clear vision for the box. This makes it hard to keep pushing the project even further. Also in the “video group” it’s hard since there is lots of animating to do but lesser knowledge on how to do it good. This makes a lot of the work just being there with ideas and support. This is of course a big task to but still everyone in the group wants to do everything to help each other which are signs of good morale. As we now face the last day of this week we hopefully will finish strong and be well prepared for the presentation were going to do next Wednesday. We are really on our way with both the video and the box which makes the entire group pleased and optimistic.


May 4, 2010

Today the “movie-group” spent a lot of time making the complete script for the movie. We spent all morning creating different slides, by hand of course, which later on will be animated and result in our video. A foundation on the video has also been made but only a first draft and nothing final. The hardest part of course was to decide what information that is relevant and how to formulate it.

“The box-group” has spent this day working in 3D-programs trying to make a sketch of the bag-solution “Kip It”. This turned out to be especially hard, despite this a model is on its way and a sketch drawn by hand has been made. We also got answers from the different companies that we’ve contacted, also new contacts to other companies has been made. We’ve mailed a lot of packaging companies for a price suggestion of the box but we haven’t got any answer yet. Now we’re working on a logotype and have mailed some printing companies if they would like to print our logotype on the box.

We are currently working on the detailed storyboard for our upcoming infomercial…exciting!

Movie and a box

May 3, 2010

Today we’ve once again divided our group into two groups. One group are from now on going to work on the new “bag-solution”. This part of our group will focus mainly on the name and design of this product. A working title has been decided and this name will be “Kip It”. Besides this focus has been on creating a design for “Kip It”, and we now have a first draft on this design.

The rest of the group has been working on this film which is of great importance when it comes to informing the public about this issue. We have made a storyboard and gathered information which we think will make a great impact on people seeing this film. We have also been working on the foundation for the movie in adobe after effects so hopefully this will end up great. We are certainly on our way and the group is well aware on what needs to be done.

The picture is taken at Coop, Jakobsberg, this weekend.

The picture was taken at Coop, Jakobsberg, this weekend.

The Confirmation

April 29, 2010

Today we had a very productive day. We began this day discussing the “Doggy-bag problem” which we are determined to solve. We all agreed that the name must be changed and converted to something more “hip” and “modern”. Several different names came up but we are not certain what the final result will be.

We have thoughts of first of all create this solution for the, at the moment called, “Doggy-bag” but also to inform the public about the issues with throwing away this much food. Our thought is to illustrate this with a short movie.

This afternoon we finally got the confirmation that we were on our way and that especially the “bag” was a really good idea. Half of or group then spent this afternoon with creating the first version of our website and adding all the different posts. The rest of our group hit the streets and asked different restaurants for samples of their present “Doggy-bag”.  They also asked how often their customers wanted to use it and the answer was as we expected not very often. As the results from our poll said a lot of people aren’t that comfortable with asking for a “Doggy-bag” and these restaurants confirmed just that. Our next task is to design a “box” or “bag” which will result in giving this “doggy-bag” a whole new appearance and mainly make it ok to ask for it. This will be the last time we mention the word “Doggy-bag”.

The Breakthrough

April 29, 2010

Today we took a huge step forward in our project. We found a first small but as far as we can see it effective solution.  Of course this is just a first draft but with development and adjustments this could really end up being something good. We want to change the sight on the “Doggy-bag” in our society. We want people to dare to ask for bag or something to bring their remaining food with them home. However the concept we are building this project on will not be based on the old “Doggy-bag” it will be new, fresh and accepted in our society. Our first task is to rename this product since the name “Doggy-bag” sound a bit tacky.

We also read thru the material that we printed and spent a lot of time highlighting interesting facts which we can use in our project. We also checked the results from our poll which gave us more interesting results to work with. 132 persons have now answered this poll regarding their food waste. Besides this we wrote questions directed to grocery stores to get another point of view. These questions are about how the stores handle food and their purchases of new commodities.

The Continuation

April 29, 2010

Today we began our search for information regarding our subject food waste. Half our group was given the task to search for different information sources on the internet, while the rest of the group read and printed these pages. After about an hour of information searching and printing we continued with watching a documentary named We feed the world.

Even though this documentary wasn’t exactly focusing on our topic it still had glimpses which were of interest to us hopefully we find better look watching other documentaries.

The rest of the day the entire group sat down and discussed the issue itself and possible solutions. Even though it’s to early to find a final solution we feel that after these four weeks we will reach one or many solutions.